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Power 300W

Weight 8kg

Cable Length 12.5M

Brushes 2

Brush Diameter 15 cm

Cleaning Width 31 cm

Speed 180 rev/min

Compact design - perfect for small area maintenance such as toilets, stairwells and around homes

All steel construction for durability

Contra rotating brushes for stability and ease of use

2 year warranty

Included Accessories:

Polishing Brush

2 polishing brushes

Green Scrubbing Pads

2 green scrubbing / hard fibre pads

Felt Buffing Pads

2 felt buffing pads


Power 12V

Weight 1.6 kg

Cleaning Width 20 cm

Pad Size 8

Compact scrubber to get into awkward areas

Battery powered means operator is not restricted in movement and can clean in water without risk of electrical shock

Battery duration 4 hours on a single charge

Immersible head can clean in water and be used with all floor cleaning chemicals

Powerful, high torque motor agitates to remove dirt and grime with ease

Telescopic handle

Lockable, 70 degree pivoting head

Change between accessories by twisting and locking accessory in place by hand

Wide range of accessories making this a highly versatile machine to clean toilets, floors, windows, skirting boards, staircases, vehicles, swimming pools, changing rooms, kitchens and many other areas


Included Accessories:

30'' (76cm) Telescopic Aluminium Handle

Aggressive Duty Cleaning Brush

Floor Pad Holder (Drive Plate)

8 inch Green fibre scrubbing pad

8 inch Red fibre spray cleaning pad

8 inch White fibre dry buffing pad

8 inch Microfibre pad

Battery, Charger and Harness Complete

1 Year Manufactures Guarantee


1000W/1250W Motor

150/300 Rpm

32KG Weight

400MM Pad size

450MM Brush Size

Comes with drive board

Cleaning range 32M

1 Years warranty


NuPower NU1530

Where polishing is the single purpose of a floor machine then the NPR-1530 is
an ideal selection.

We have shown in our main illustrations the machine fitted with our full power
Dustrol vacuum system which acts to vacuum simultaneously with the polishing
function, ensuring the highest of dust-free standards. Unlike the NPR-1523 this
is a polishing machine only and is not suitable for wet scrubbing operations.

With the added 1500 Watt specification the NPR-1530 can be used for spray cleaning and its ATC, Automatic Torque Control, provides superb performance
in this mode.

Polish floors, whatever the surface, with or without vacuum, using brushes or pads, with or without extra weight and with the added option of SprayTec cleaning.

Motor 1500W
Pad Size 400 mm
Brush 450 mm
Power 230V AC 50Hz
Speed 300 rpm
Vacuum Optional DT130
Range 32 m
Weight 30 kg
Size 1185 x 580 x 450mm

Special Order Only

Tank shown in picture not included, Optional extra