A165 Hotpoint Carbon Brushes

If You Don't See Your Model Number E-mail It To Us And We Will Check For You. Fits Hotpoint: WMA10PE, WMA30PE, WMA31PE, WMA32PE, WD61/T/U/X, WD62/N/P/S/X, WD63/N/P/S, WD64/N/P/S, WD71/N/P/S/X/YS, WD72/N/P/S, WDM73A, WM19P, WM20/A/P/W, WM21/P/W, WM22/A/P/W, WM23/A/P/W, WM24/A/P/W, WM25/A/P/W, WM26/P/W, WM29P, WM31/A/P/W, WM32/A/P/W, WM34/A/P/W, WM35/A/P/W, WM38/P, WM51/A/W, WM52/A/P/W, WM53/A/P/W, WM54/P, WM55P, WM56P, WM60/P/PE, WM61/N/P/PE/X, WM62/N/P/PE/X, WM63/H/N/P, WM63PE/S/T/U/X/XE, WM64/N/P, WM64PE/X, WM65S, WM66P, WM67P, WM68P, WM69P, WM71/N/P/X, WM72/N/P/X, WM77P, WM79P, WM80P, WM81P, WM82P, WM83P, 1019P, 1025/A/P/W, 1051/A/P/W, 1061/N/P, 1063/N/P, 1151/A/P/W, 1161/N/P, 1162N, 6240/B/P, BW61/B/P, EE100/A/WD, EE80A, EE120A, J1000, J1200D, WD1200, WD21P, WD22/A/P/W, WD23/P/W, WD31/A/P/W, WD32/A/P/W, WD51/A/P/W, WD52P, WD61/H/N/P/S: