A164 Hoover Carbon Brushes

If You Don't See Your Model Number E-mail It To Us And We Will Check For You. Fits: Beko Washing Machine WM5140S, WM5140W, WM6103W, WM6120S, WM6123S, WM6123W, WM6133S, WM6133W, WM6142W, WM6143S, WM6143W, WM6152W, WMA1512S, WMA1512W, WMA1613S, WMA1614W, WMA1715S, WMA1715W, WMA610S, WMA610W, WMA620S, WMA620W, WMA641S, WMA641W, WMA642S, WMA642W, WMA647W, WMA651S, WMA651W, WMA652S, WMA657W, WMC61W, WMC62W, WMC64W, Candy Washing Machines and Washer Dryers ACS130 UK, ACT109ACRS, ACT109ECLYP., ACT129ACRSI, ACT840ACRS, ACTIVA 1091AC, ACTIVA 109ACR, ACTIVA 1291AC, ACTIVA 129ACR, ACTIVA 740, ACTIVA 79R, ACTIVA 840ACR, ACTIVA 85AC, ACTIVA 89ACR, ACTIVA 89ACRS, ACTIVA 99R, ALISE CB103T, ALISE CB103TR, ALISE CB123TR, ALISE CB133TR, ALISE CB83TR, AM1042S H/C, AQ100TR, AQ130 WD, AQUAV.CE101, AUTOS.120TR, AUTOS.120TR, AUTOS.130TR, AUTOS.130TR, CA106TR, CA66TR, CA861TR, CA86TR, CB1013TR, CB1023TR, CB102TR, CB1033TR Y, CB103TR, CB1043TR, CB1043TR M, CB1053TR, CB106TR, CB1213TR EXP, CB123TR, CB66TR, CB66TRSY, CB74TR, CB85TR, CB86TR, CB86TRSY, CB96TR SY, CBE75TR, CBL100 PL, CBL100 SY, CBL132, CBL85, CBL85 SY, CDN130TR, CE1055TTEMPO, CE114, CGA814R, CHIARA772ETR, CI100T BLU, CI100T METAL, CI100T ROSSO, CI100T Y, CI100TR, CI1016TR, CI101XTR, CI101XTR EXP, CI1022TPR, CI120TR, CI120TR EXP, CI121XTR, CI656TR, CI816TR, CI822TPR, CI950TR, CJE813, CN120TUK, CSI835XTR, CSI835XTR SY, CTA106TV, CTA106TVSY, CTA107TV-IT, CTA107TVSYC, CTA86TV, CTA86TV SY, CTA87TV IT, CTL104TV, CTL107TV FR, CTL84TV, CTL84TV SY, CTL85TV ES, CTL87TV FR, CTT67T, D.QUICK120TR, D.QUICK130TR, MY LOGIC 10, MY LOGIC 10A, MY LOGIC 10SY, MY LOGIC 12, MY LOGIC 12, MY LOGIC 12 SY, MY LOGIC 13, MY LOGIC 13 SY, MY LOGIC 7, MY LOGIC 741, MY LOGIC 8, MY LOGIC 8 SY, MY LOGIC 841AC, MY LOGIC 841AC, MY LOGIC 8A, MY LOGIC 9, SEL.732ETR, SMART12 ACT., SPRINT100TR, SPRINT100TR, SPRINT101TR, SPRINT110TR, SPRINT110TR, SPRINT120TR, SPRINT120TR Hoover Washing Machines and Washer Dryers A087 011, A089 011HC, A107 071, A109 011HC, AA212 011, AA230 001, AA231 061, AA232 011, AA232 021, AB100, AB105 001, AB110, AB115 001, AB130 001, AB135 001, ABA11 001, AC110 001, AC115 001, AC120 001, AC125 001, AC327 001, AC90 001, AC95 001, ACA10 001, ACM110 01, AE130 001, AE135 001, AE136 001, AE137 001, AE230 001, AI100 11, AI1040, AI120 61, AI130 01, AI130 41, AL120 01, AL120 11, AL120 31, AL130 01, AL130 11, AL130 31, AL131 31, AL132 11, AL80, AL80 11, ALA122 01, AM100LEB, AM1042S11, AM110 01, AM110 11, AM110LEB, AM115 01, AM120 01, AM1243S 11, AM130 11, AM131 11, AM842S, AM842S H/C, AMA122 07, AMC121 01, AR210 031, AR213 071, AR230 031, AR233 071, AS110, AS115 001, AS116 001, AS120, AS125 001, AS126 001, AS130, AS135 001, AS136001, ASA120, AV210 011, AV210 021, AV230 011, AVA20 007, AVA22 007, AWA11 007, CA230 003, CA231 03, CA232 UK, CA233 UK, H110M, H120M, H130E UK, H130M CMT, HC110M UK, HC120M UK, HC130M UK, HC6120MUK, HC6130MUK, HMC131 CWS, HPM110, HPM120, HPM130, HQ130, HSE120UK, HSW110M UK, HW120M UK, HW120PROMO, HW130M UK, HW130PROMO, PE235, SE130 011, SE220 001, SE230 01, SPB11, SPC12 001, W105SX/1, WA110 001, WA115 001, WB120 001, WB125 001, WDM120 01, WDM125 01, WDM130 01, WDM130 11, WS130 001, WS135 001, WS136 001, WSE130 011 Iberna Washing Machine ILF1059, ILF1259, LBILF1057T, LBILF1257T Otsein Washing Machine ETERNA900, LBO1256A, LFO824P Cylinda Washing Machines SLF1060, SLF1060STEEL, WA1217 Zerowatt Washing Machine CA756SS, CM768SS, CM797SS, CM968SS, EMA80SS, EMH80AS, EP7501MASS, HC666E, HZ6 11I, HZI1040, HZI110 51, L.SIXHM756E, L.SIXHM758ES, L.SIXHM958ES, LADYSTEEL9SS, LX728SS, LX828SS, MA1059SS, MA758SS, MA958SS, MA959SS, MIL.7509MASS, MYL.HM750ES, SEL.8507MASS, SEL.HM850ES, STEELHM959ES Ariston Washing Machine 1218CDE3B, A1100UK, A1146GB, A1148GB, A1158GB, A1217UK, A1300UK, A2090UK, AI1047MT, AI1244CUK, AI1247MUK, AI1247UK, AI1248CUK, AI1248MCUK, AI1257MUK, AI1259MCUK, AI1457MTUK, AL1146TUK, AL1256T/1UK, AL1256TUK, AL1257TUK, AL1456TUK, AV1037, AV1037W, AV1048CUK, AV1243UK, AV1244UK, AV1247CUK, AV834CUK, AV838CUK, AW1120, AW1150GB, AW1280UK, CD1151, CD1152, KCD121BRUK, KCD121WHUK, KCD12TBRUK, KCD12TUK, KCD12TWHUK, KLB12T Indesit Washing Machine WDG1095WG, WDG1195WG, WDG1195WG/1, WDG985BG, WDG985WG, WDN1079WG, WDN2196WG, WDN966BG, WDN966WG, WG1185WG, WG1285WG, WG1385WG, WG1430TG, WN1063WG, WN1080WG, WN1096BG, WN1096WG, WN1196BG, WN1196WG, WN1263WG, WN1296WG, WN1299WG Scholtes Washing Machine KCD12TUK(M)., KCD12TUK(W)., MLI1200-240V, MLI1200W, MLI1200W240V, MLI1200X, MLS1200, MLS1200-240, MLS1200W, MLS1200W-240, MLS1200X