A172 Electrolux Carbon Brushes

If You Don't See Your Model Number E-mail It To Us And We Will Check For You. Fits: ARISTON 1218CDE ARISTON 1218CDE3B ARISTON 1258A.DRY ARISTON 1258CD ARISTON 1258CD3B ARISTON A1146GB ARISTON A1148GB ARISTON A1158GB ARISTON A1217UK ARISTON AW1120 ARISTON AW1150GB ARISTON CD1151 ARISTON CD1152 AEG LAV54600 AEG LAV550 BZ D AEG LAV64600 AEG LAV66600 AEG LAV74330 AEG LAV74330-W AEG LAV74335 AEG LAV74335-W AEG LAV74630-W AEG LAV74630-WGB- AEG LAV74700 AEG LAV74800 AEG LAV76639-W AEG LAV9033 W AEG LAV961 BZ AEG LAV961 W AEG LAV976 W